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Applications are currently not available for any of the 2021 Critical Repair or Emergency Repair Programs. When one or both of the applications open to new applicants, we will make the information available here.

*Information below for previous informational purposes only




These programs focuses on critical health and safety repairs such as roof replacement and repair, replacement of weak or unsafe flooring, bathroom and kitchen repairs for safety and/or accessibility, critical plumbing repairs, repairs to unsafe electrical systems, and other critical repairs that would help to keep residents safe and healthy in their homes.

Seniors will be considered for the Senior Home Repair Program, and Veterans providing proof of Veteran status will be considered for the Veteran Home Repair Program. All other homeowner meeting the qualifications will be considered for the Critical Home Repair Program. Application details are the same for all Repair Programs.

Applicants must have these required documents: identification for all residents (government issued ID/driver's licence, birth certificate, social security card, etc), proof of income for all residents (SS declarations letter, paycheck stubs [2 months], retirement benefits summary, child support summary, receipt of rent received, etc), and proof of veteran status, if applicable.

To qualify, applicants must:

  • Live in Alachua County
  • Own their home, with property taxes current
  • Have clear deed to the property
  • Meet the income guidelines (generally HUD 50% and FED 150%)
  • Complete the application during the open cycle
  • Provide proper documentation including:
    • ID for each person living in the home (examples include copies of: Photo ID, birth certificate, school documents, or Social Security card)
    • Verification of each income source


If you have any questions regarding our processes, please feel free to contact our office at (352)373-2573.


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