community revitalization partnerships (crp)

What began as a simple act of neighbors helping neighbors live in safe housing has expanded to holistic neighborhood revitalization.

Rebuilding Together’s Community Revitalization Partnerships (CRP) model shapes how we maximize investment in communities beyond housing, focus our home repair and rehab work in targeted neighborhoods, and collaborate with residents, volunteers, municipalities, nonprofits, businesses, foundations, and other partner organizations to support safe, healthy, and thriving communities.

Rebuilding Together is activating cross-sector partnerships and leveraging corporate philanthropy to improve the health and safety of homes while improving community infrastructure and spaces such as parks, schools, community centers and nonprofit facilities.

This model calls on Rebuilding Together North Central Florida to adopt a deeper and longer-term focus at the neighborhood level. By targeting our service delivery in specific neighborhoods and aligning our work more closely with other nonprofit service providers, Rebuilding Together can improve the health and safety conditions of entire neighborhoods, not only individual homes.

Rebuilding Together North Central Florida works closely with the cities and county in our area to play the roles we are best at in shaping a safer, healthier community. We work with a wide variety of sponsors and community partners.