What a great spring we had, thanks to your involvement in our efforts to make homes healthy and safe for our neighbors.

We had the privilege of working with 8 families this National Rebuilding cycle and are gearing up to select our next group of homeowners for the summer and fall cycles.

Some recent, exciting news is that we’ve confirmed the financial support of Publix Super Markets Charities, Bank of America, BBVA Compass, and theĀ United Church of Gainesville.

We enjoyed participating in the Hogtown Craft Beer Festival in April, and being the amazing group of people they are, the Hogtown Brewers invited us to receive a gift at First Magnitude Brewery last week in support of our program.

We’re also anticipating a fun night at the First Friday Food Truck Rally at Root and Pecker, and the “Bowling for Bucks” fundraiser hosted by GACAR a little later this summer.

Check out our facebook page for day-to-day updates on all of that.

Thanks for all you do. If it weren’t for each of roles our unique supporters make, there’s no way we could impact so many homes and lives.