At Rebuilding Together NCF, fall is a busy season–the work gets more fun and enjoyable as the weather cools, and we bring on new sponsor and partner groups.

We wanted to publicly announce some of our committed sponsors that will make this fall possible–In particular, we’re so excited to be working again with the Hogtown Brewers at the sponsor level this fall! We’re proud also to have Publix Super Markets Charities, and GACAR (Gainesville Alachua County Association of Realtors) joining us at the co-sponsor level–will you join them?


Mr. and Mrs. L are raising two granddaughters in their mobile home, which they’ve sunk a significant portion of their savings into upgrading to be livable. The great news is that when we met the L family, they’d addressed several major areas in need on their own. Unfortunately, their savings ran out before they were able to get to two items that we at RTNCF thought were absolutely critical–the front and rear egress to the home.

RTNCF was able to do what we do best in this situation–make the right connections. Between the Lowe’s delivery, Alachua County CAPP funds, the skilled volunteer oversight, some donated materials and tools, and the (volunteer) instructors and students from Santa Fe’s TRAMCON program–the L family’s front and rear steps are in safe and working order with proper handrails and balusters allowing safe ingress and egress–a vital part of any safe and healthy home.

Will you consider joining us this fall? The impact we can make is great, but is significantly greater the more partners we have to work together.